ALetter to Rojalat (Eastern Kurdistan)

ALetter to Rojalat (Eastern Kurdistan)

As the whole world is well aware September 25 is the day of Kurdish referendum for Ondependence. After the longest of nights, the sun shines again over the land between the rivers. The blood of our people has become freedom flowers, After all suffering, after defeating the army of darkness our people has a golden opportunity, The imposed boundaries, borders violating historical entites and violating human rights must be demolished. When the sun rises over a part ouf our beloved Kurdistan we all rejoice.

Worldkurd Organization endorses the referebdum for Kurdish self-determination, for our right to shape our destiny.

We congratulate our people in advance for this achievement. It is Mohammad`s dream and the dream of all Kurds in the wholw world.
WorldKurd Organization hereby encourages the people of Lorestan, Elam and Kermanshah to dess in folk costumes this day ouf referendum, to celebrate with flags and joy. We are not extincted, not erased and nor forgotten. We are still standing, invincible like Zagros, straight like Landil.

For WorldKurd Organization
Soheila Davoodian Kalhor (Soheila Fors)

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