Open letter from WorldKurd Organisation (WKO)

Dear reader.
The people who liberated the world from the IS with just simple weapons and big hearts are no longer the world’s heroes. The people in Afrin and Syrian Kurdistan have today been reduced to a minor regional issue, bombed to despair as we turn our heads away.
As one head of the Islamist hydra has been chopped of, two other heads have emerged. Turkey appearing as the Neo Ottoman Empire reclaiming land lost hundred years ago and Iran propagating its dream of a Shia dominated fertile crescent.

These two powers are well aware that their aspiration of regional dominance must pass a final solution, an “endlösung” of the Kurdish question. For them, the Kurdish dreams of self-determination has been an obstacle long enough. A toxic combination of nationalism and islamism is now numbing the conscience of the two regional super powers to pass human decency. Now they bomb the heroes that fought IS while we ignore them.

We ask you, all people of good will in the world to, by all means possible, protest against the genocide in Afrin. The people of Afrin have earned their freedom in blood. Learning from the past they are forming a democratic secular state in the midst of religious rage – a buffer zone of peace and humanity. We must support them.

We ask you, all people of good will in Turkey, Iran and Russia to, protest against the genocide. It’s not being anti-Turkish or anti-Iranian to protest against genocide, it´s humanity. Kurds are not your enemies. They are your fellow humans.

On behalf of the WKO
Soheila Fors Kalhor

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