Statutes of the WorldKurd Organisation Adopted 2017.07.09 at the statutory meeting

Article 1

  1. he organisation´s name is WorldKurd Organisation WKO
  2. The organisation´s headquarters are located in Karlskoga, Sweden
  3. WKO can establish new branches worldwide in accordance with its internal regulations and resolve all branches.

Article 2

  1. The Organisation will defend, preserve, protect and promote Kurds cultural rights in accordance with the principle of self-determination established in international instruments.
  2. The Organisation recognizes and promotes the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. The members of the Organisation will be individuals, academics, intellectuals, governments and Organisations acting at international level.
  4. The Organisation will achieve its goals regardless of religion, government or political parties.

Article 3

  1. The Organisation is managed by the central council / board.
  2. The Central Council consists of seven permanent members.
  3. The tasks and powers of each member shall be specified in the internal regulations.
  4. All decisions and actions within the Organisation shall be the subject of majority voting by the Central Council.
  5. The association has two forms of connection: As a support member and as a member. Members have the seat and seat of the General Conference.
  6. The Central Council approves new members of the Organisation.

Article 4

  1. The Central Council will – administer and control the Organisation – approve the Organisation´s policy – approve the Organisation´s plans and budget Kiarash – adopt statutes and internal regulations – create new branches and representatives worldwide – amend current statute and internal regulations – decide on any questions asked by the organisation´s members and representatives from different countries – monitor all activities that representatives of different countries have – recruit new staff for headquarters and Organisational branches in different countries – approve and monitor all publications, declarations, statements, etc. in advance – monitor all activities in the organisation´s name by members and representatives in different countries – organize an annual general assembly
  2. All decisions taken by the Central Council are legal and binding.
  3. The Central Council is responsible for the decisions taken by the General Assembly and is under the control of the General Assembly.
  4. The General Assembly may appoint members to the Central Council.

Article 5

  1. The Organisation can accept gifts, grants and donations.
  2. Gifts do not influence the organisation´s policy.
  3. With the approval of the Central Council, the Organisation may receive grants from organisations and governments.

Article 6

  1. The Organisation shall establish a Kurdish cultural academy to preserve, protect and promote Kurdish culture and identity throughout the world.
  2. The Kurdish Academy will hold twelve chairs for recognized poets, writers, musicians, historians, archaeologists and linguists.
  3. Membership of the Academy is permanent.
  4. The goal is that half of the members should be women.
  5. The election of members is performed by secret ballot in the academy. Before the result is published, it must be submitted to the Academy’s patron for its approval.
  6. The Kurdish Academy will
    – create a network of researchers in different countries
    – build a library and a Documentation Center for Researc
    –  publish an Encyclopaedia Kurdica / Kurdipedia on the net that collects and presents Kurdish culture and


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