The World Kurdish Organization strongly condemns any attack on the territory and the citizens of Kurdistan.

In recent days, the Turkish Islamist government, which is, unfortunately, a member of NATO, from ground and air, has again attacked civilian camps located in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan. The campuses mainly inhabit by unprotected women and children.

At the same time, the Iranian Islamo-Fascist government, on the same day, also massively bombed border regions with Iraqi Kurdistan, where Kurdish civilians live.

It needs to consider that these combinations of aggressions against the Kurdish people are the extensions of the notorious treaty of Sa’dabad of 1937. One of the objectives of this treaty is the collaborations of the occupied countries of Kurdistan, in their struggle to crush the rebellion of the Kurds, who independently of their ideologies seek to liberate their country from the occupiers.

In the interest of preserving human dignity and the principles of human rights, the Kurdish World Organization strongly condemns these attacks, as well as the silence of the Iraqi government, and calls on all human rights organizations, in particular the United Nations, to take immediate actions to end the Turkish and Iranian government’s aggression against the civilian population in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdish World Organization


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